Our Projects

Bender Bot

Bender Bot is created for Telegram an instant messaging software.
Auke Is the head coder who started this project unknowingly.
Wilco Did some coding
Meindert Designed the website.

Monkey Business Gamimg

Monkey Business Gaming is an upcomming Youtube and Twitch channel.
Meindert designed their website.
Auke did some behind the scenes stuff to setup the forum and is helping to keep everything up and running.

About Us

I am designer
I am programmer
I am Raketijsje

We are a group of close friends/students,
we try to put our different skills together and work on projects.
In our spare time we like to tinker on stuff, play games together and share our opinions on the newest technical gadget and movies/series.

Our Team

These individuals down below represent Raketijsje
Auke Bakker
Age: 18

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science @ HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Programming Languages: Java, Python, Basic HTML/CSS/JS
Meindert van Donkelaar
Age: 19

Education: Interactive/UX Designer @ ROC Midden Nederland (Community College)

Programming Languages: HTML/CSS and PHP
Peter Oosterhoff
Age: 19

Education: ICT Employee management

Programming Languages: N/A
Rick Munneke
Creative College ROC Midden Nederland student -Mostly webdesign -Some HTML/CSS -A tiny bit of PHP

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